Fieldbrook Foods

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The Fieldbrook Portfolio of Products

The products Fieldbrook creates bear the name of our customers instead of ours. That's how we help our valued customers make an even better name for themselves. Fieldbrook is a leading U.S. producer of private label ice cream and novelty products. Our offerings includes soft novelties consisting of ice cream sandwiches, cups and cones, as well as stick novelties across a wide array of items and packaging counts. We produce a wide offering of ice cream products in various packaging sizes, formats, flavors and formulations.
Our flexible and comprehensive production capabilities make us the ideal private label and co-packing partner to retailers, contract manufacturing customers, and food service operators throughout the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Fieldbrook is equipped to provide a complete offering of premium-quality products. Our unique category focus and extensive knowledge of customer label ice cream and novelty products allows us to provide valuable category management insights.

Fieldbrook Porfolio of Products

Fieldbrook Foods:
Packaging Options Designed Around Your Needs.

Retail Packaged Products

Packaged Ice Cream, Yogurt, Sherbet

  • Plastic pails and tubs
  • Squares
  • Scrounds
  • Cups


  • Full, Lite or Low Fat
  • Various Overrun Levels
  • No Sugar Added
  • All Natural
  • Ingredient Levels
  • Flavor Varieties
  • Lactose Free

Novelty Items:

Stick – Fudge Bars and Pops, Ice Cream Bars, Fruit Bars, Ice & Juice pops, Cream Bars and Pops, Sorbet Bars, Eclairs, Pudding Pops and more.Download a complete list of our novelty items

Soft Ice Cream:

Ice Cream Sandwiches in rectangular and round, Ice Cream Cones, Ice Cream Cups and Ice Cream or Sherbet Tubes. Download a complete list of our ice cream flavors